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August News

“After that visit, I felt so much hope and faith. At that moment, I knew that God was working in my life and these women were meant to be in it.”

I wanted to give a little background story on how Alpha has helped me and my family. It all started back in 2015 when my son was born. God gifted me with him, he is my bonus child. My husband became a single father with a newborn straight out of the hospital. He had nowhere to look for help until he became part of the Alpha family. They had helped him with whatever it was he needed for him and our son. About two months after we met each other, he asked me to go to an appointment with him at Alpha. I was a little nervous because I suffer with social anxiety and PTSD. When I walked through the door there was a lady that greeted us; her name was Christa. Christa is one of the most kindhearted, selfless women I have ever met. She welcomed me with open arms and I felt like I had known her for years. Sometimes bonus-mother duty can be hard but Christa would always make sure she told me how proud she was of me and thank me for taking on the responsibility of being a bonus mother and validated how hard it was for me. She is truly a gift from God himself. I felt safe when I was there, which was big for me at that time. I have gone to Alpha since 2015 and couldn’t imagine my life without the women that work there. I could always go in and talk and they would pray with me at the end, and this always makes me feel so hopeful.

My last little story is that I walked in one day and I was having a very hard time in my life. When I went into the room Denise came and sat with me and I honestly just let it all go and cried for almost an hour. She made sure I knew it was okay and that she was there for me. She also said, “don’t worry about the video, let’s just sit and pray.” After that visit, I felt so much hope and faith. At that moment, I knew that God was working in my life and these women were meant to be in it. They also helped me so much with things that I needed for my children. We now have another child that also gets to visit. Such great information is given out and resources that can fit any situation. I look forward to my visit every other week.

This place is a God-send and they help so many women in so many different situations. I am now at a point in my life where I am just about done with my master’s degree in psychology. I one day want to help individuals that have been in dark places have that same glimpse of hope. I will always let women in need know about the Alpha Care Center and how the people there can help and they are more than willing, with open arms.




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Monthly Updates

Have we met?

Let’s Meet!

We gathered with Lowell Ministry Alliance and other Lowell community members on May 4th for the National Day of Prayer. It was beautiful to pause our busy days, come together as a community, and pray over seven major areas of our lives. Following the prayer service, we opened our doors to those at the service. Around thirty of us has a fabulous taco fiesta provided by a talented volunteer, we laughed, and we learned more about how Alpha Care Center strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our communities.

This fellowship was life-giving and the best part is that you don’t need to wait until next year to take part! If you are ever interested in learning more about Alpha Care Center, please reach out to us. We would relish the opportunity to answer your questions and show you the buildings God is using through us. This would be an excellent opportunity for your church group, family, or friends to learn more and we would love to meet you!


It’s Almost Here!

Please join us for Strides for Life 2023! The first of two of these events is on Saturday, June 3rd in Lowell. Walk, run, pray, pledge support…there are many options to get involved. We are even looking for a couple face-painters and volunteer photographers to help us enrich the day. Click the buttons to learn more details and to sign up!


Alpha Care Center offers hundreds of lessons through BrightCourse. Clients can complete lessons and earn points to spend in the Alpha Store to purchase what they need for their littles. Sounds pretty cool, right? If you are interested in more details, please reach out!


We would like to invite you to pray with us! Each month, we include a prayer calendar that is meant to prompt prayer for different topics relevant to our ministry. Check out June’s calendar by clicking the button below.

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Happy New Year!

New Year, New Outreach Opportunities
Lake Odessa Ultrasound room

We are excited to announce that the Lake Odessa location is now able to provide free ultrasounds for clients. We are praising God for providing us with this practical avenue of outreach. Our first client ultrasound was on January 11, 2023! See the photo below! (shared anonymously with permission of mom)

Lake Odessa ultrasound images
Christmas Celebration
Alpha Care Center Christmas Parties

In December, Alpha Care Center had a Christmas party to celebrate Jesus’s birth with clients at both the Lowell and the Lake Odessa Locations. THIRTY-FIVE families were adopted for gifting. A great big thank you to our communities for helping make these celebrations a success—you prayed, volunteered time, and gave financially to help Alpha Care Center spread Christmas Joy!

New Development Assistant
Abigail Gurnsey

My husband, Adam, and I live on a small farm in Ionia right in between the Lowell and Lake Odessa locations. We have two kiddos— Levi (4.5) and Eden (1.5). Our family is also in the home study process to pursue domestic, infant adoption. We grow closer in our relationships with Jesus at Impact Church in Lowell.

The majority of my work experiences been in the credit union world. I have helped many members in local branches. More recently, I was behind the scenes creating and facilitating company training and supporting projects that fostered the company culture within the credit union. I left my career (that I enjoyed greatly!) in June 2022 to be more involved with my family because, as I’ve heard many times, “Your kids are only little once!”

Accepting this part-time role at Alpha Care Center was truly God-Orchestrated and Christa or myself would enjoy telling you of His goodness sometime in person! My heart is burdened for moms because, well, I’ve been there. I’ve had two challenging pregnancies and am now experiencing mom-life to the max.

I am thrilled to use my experience to support an organization that intentionally pours into families in our communities and cannot wait to learn from everyone at Alpha Care Center!

Wondering how to pray with us?

Click on the button below to view our daily prayer calendar.

Monthly Updates

February Update

Answered Prayers

We have been praying for phenomenal people to fill much needed roles in our Lake Odessa and Lowell Center. As always, God has orchestrated the details and we are looking forward to the strength our team will experience by having these two women in these roles.

Denise Gibson
Stephanie (Smith) Wellwood

Denise will be stepping into our Lead Client Advocate role at the Lowell Center. Pray for Denise as she will be an intriguel role in assisting Stephanie with the Earn While You Learn program, training and encouragement of our Client Advocates, and overseeing that our clients are cared for well.

Stephanie has done an amazing job as the Center Director of our Lake Odessa Center. She will now be the Program Director, and be responsible for overseeing the Earn While You Learn program for both sites. 

Prayer Partners

Thank you for your continued prayer support! It is very clear every day that we couldn’t run this ministry without God’s help, and we know that your advocacy of Alpha Care Center before His throne of grace is an imperative partnership.  

Generous Partners

We couldn’t do this without you, so please know that we prayed for you today! We thanked God for you, and prayed for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

May our gracious King bless you for your continued effort to see lives saved, changed, and empowered.