Executive Director Transition


Contact: Vonda Mattson, Board Member 616-329-0127

It is with sadness at our loss but also with cheerful understanding of her move that the Board of Directors of Alpha Care Centers announces the resignation of Christa Wetzel as Executive Director.

The Board of Directors recognizes Christa’s commitment to caring and effective leadership, as well as her role in moving the ministry forward in its service to family. “Christa has spent her 10-year tenure steadfastly dedicated to the ministry, to connecting with community to share our mission, and to fostering a spirit of welcome and acceptance to all. Under her leadership, the organization has matured and expanded its services to offer multifaceted support for family health. She has led the organization with grace and dignity, and she will be missed by all.”

In her communications with staff and volunteers Christa acknowledged that Alpha would always hold a special place in her heart. “I have been on quite a journey with Alpha and have been able to see God do amazing things. It is His ministry.” Christa acknowledges that her decision to move was not one made quickly or without thought and prayer. “God has a season and time for everything,” she shares, and adds that she will meet this new chapter with her typical trust and reliance on Him.

Christa’s exit and new position within her home community comes with the Board’s

support. “We love and highly respect Christa and are excited for her as she transitions to her home area in direct support of her community.” While we are saddened to see her go, we are excited for this next chapter of her life and are grateful for her years of service to the Lowell and Lake Odessa communities.

The Board of Directors has begun a new hire procedure. To read the full job description, including position submission deadline, select that option below.