Letter from our Executive Director

April 26, 2022

Dear Friends,

 As you know, our focus at Alpha Care Center is on serving people affected by unplanned pregnancy, not on political activism. We are so thankful that every day, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to families in crisis. With that said,

In September of last year, Texas passed a law-making abortion illegal after a heartbeat can be detected, which is typically around 6 weeks of pregnancy. In the last several months, similar laws have been proposed in other states around the country, including the Dobbs case from Mississippi which has now reached the Supreme Court. Other states, however, are working on legislature to expand abortion access through a variety of means, including making abortion legal up to birth. The increase in legislature around abortion has brought the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling into question, and those on both the pro-life and pro-choice sides have begun to believe that Roe v. Wade may be overturned by the Supreme Court sometime between now and when the court recesses in July. So, what does that mean?

If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, the decision about whether abortion would be legal would go back to the states. Currently, Michigan has a law on the books from 1931 which bans abortion. However, Planned Parenthood and Governor Whitmer have both taken action in early April to overturn this law. The decision on this is currently pending.

While Alpha is not involved in the political arm of fighting abortion, the decisions that are made in the political realm will affect us. Approximately 1,000 abortions are performed in Grand Rapids every year, right in our back door. If abortion becomes illegal, how many more parents will need our services as they navigate their unplanned pregnancy? If this is the case, we will have an unprecedented opportunity to show the love of Christ.

On the other hand, our state could make abortion legal for even longer periods of gestation. If so, how many more people will need to know about our services which can empower them to choose life? With your prayers, Alpha Care Center will be ready to pivot regardless of the outcome. No matter what happens, we will continue providing nonjudgmental, compassionate care to the community. Our mission will continue to be to promote abundant life by providing holistic services to women and men affected by unplanned pregnancy.

Please pray for us in the weeks and months ahead. Pray that people will see Jesus in each of us in this culture we are called to be salt and light to.


Christa Wetzel